The heart of a poet and the power chords of an old-soul, New Age Janis Joplin…Atlanta-born Dylan Taylor conjures up her own magical, hardcore blend of “genre mut” voodoo whenever she puts gut-wrenching, heart-felt lyrics to the guitar-raising lyrical. This Nashville rebel pushes every boundary, from one outrageous extreme to another, picking up the pieces of addiction and ruin and singing the quiet parts out loud — with a riptide of unflinching, confrontational, hook-tastic emotion. Like the “genre-mut” she is, Taylor embodies the essence of rock, folk, country, and blues. There’s not one fake note in her, or her original, stand-alone releases: from the epic, 2018 breakthrough anthems, “Sarah Dreaming” and “Get High,” to two major EPs— solo and with her Hippie Speedball band (“Don’t Think Twice,” “Good for Wreckin’”) — loaded with gut instincts, laugh-riot vibes, and brute honesty, the kind a true soul sister shares with her BFF. 

-Carol Banks Weber

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